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‘Do what you Love!’ OR ‘Love what you Do!’

In this article, Hardik unveils the truth behind the mind’s contiguous chase between Loving what we do v/s doing what we are love to do.

Do What You Love

When we say I would like to do what I love to do, it essentially means – ‘I have an X desire that I want to fulfill by attaining what I would like to do’.

Many of us we say – ‘no no no… I don’t have the desire of my own, I would like to serve the world or I have a vision’. Vision means I have a larger desire, but it still belongs to me, because it fills my emotional need to serve.

The human system desires only based on the data that the body and mind have accumulated from birth until now. Take any largest innovations, that also would be based on some reference systems of the past.

The data that we accumulated in our mind could be based on some experiences, influences, or even food you accumulate. And, what we can desire is always an outcome of maximum we can think out of these learnings, which could be limited in nature 🙂 So, you may be capable of more, but making limited choices by relying on what your anticipation of the best thing to do.

Love What You Do

Love what you do, on the other hand, means I am devoted to whatever I am doing. It could be my work, my study, my family, or any activity that I am doing.

Once you are 100% involved in activity without any desire, you would notice your responsiveness and intelligence suddenly function in a very different way at a higher peak during that period. But, there are chances of entanglement, which can eventually stop the optimum function of the brain if entangled.

Many people come to me and say – ‘oh I worked for this organization OR followed this girl, and now they don’t care and I didn’t equivalent responses now.’ 🙂 I tell them,’Lovers and devotees are the biggest fools if you are going to do expectation business in the future.’

Intelligent Way

If you are an intelligent person, you shall choose ‘what is absolutely needed at this moment’.

Understand correctly – the world always appreciates ‘giving’, no ‘taking’. In any activity or relation, if you stay giving to what others want to take, then and then there’s a value of the activity and you. The more people you want to deal with, the more you need to align yourself with the needs of them to stay valuable.

So, one thing is firm – you need to be giving most of the time. Now, what to give such that you can be valuable for people? More the people you are aligned to understand their ‘current’ needs, and more you are capable to give, they would appreciate it. Accordingly, you shall choose the activity.

I have seen many people, who could not figure out what’s need for context and the future and simply miss the train. The only thing that you can do between birth and death, is to utilize your body, mind, emotions, and energy to maximum potential for the ever-expanding universe.

It is my wish and blessings, that you figure out the needs of ‘this’ context and time, and chose actions wisely to the will of people you are serving.

Love & Grace,