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Whatever the business you are into, your only business is to achieve ‘well-being’ for the humans.

Hardik is a Technology Evangelist

“With Engineering and Technology, we can transform the world.”

Over 14 years of direct experience in product design and engineering experience in the area of IoT, wireless, multimedia, firmware, mobile and cloud domain to roll-out end to end solutions faster and at a reduced cost.

An Architect, Globetrotter, Visionary

“Leader is not a leader, if he/she can not create a leader.”

Internationally worked with multiple Logo organizations, Hardik has been instrumental in designing multiple technology products that transformed a lot of lives directly and indirectly.

Hardik has a unique ability to make the ancient yogic sciences relevant to current life trends. With his unique proven and powerful inclusive leadership approaches, he has transformed a lot of people into leaders and has been instrumental in building multi-million organization.

Dedicated to well-being

“Everything that is created outside, is first created in someone’s mind.”

Dedicated to the well-being of humanity and utter clarity of perception to life, Hardik possesses various perspectives to life situations that encourage the co-existence between two entities of nature and surprises all those who encounter.