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Akhila – Day Review

The success of tomorrow lies in actions taken based on learnings from today. Akhila demystifies why there are so many tasks management apps in the market where one struggles, and gives the proven Yogic science solution to achieve productivity.

While there are so many tools and technologies for task management in the world, Leaders struggle to achieve the needed results out of them. The fundamental reason for task management tools to fail is because there’s a limited evaluation of looking outcome only in the ‘time’ domain.

About Time

We have to understand that, time is a concept invented by us.  Once we move out of the earth and enter the space, the concept of time changes from planet to planet. 

So, Only because physical body exist for us, time exist for us.

While we need to deal with the physical nature of ourselves, we have to understand that we are on top of nature’s evaluation chain. As humans, we could not expand our body beyond a certain point. So, the only way we can expand and be productive is by exercising the elements beyond the physical body. These elements are mind, emotions, energy, and intelligence. So, it needs to go beyond the time when it comes to expanding something.

Cyclic Nature & Compulsions

Everything about humans is cyclic in nature, The planet spins around the sun, the moon spins around the planet, women having monthly cycles, nature of day&night is cyclic and many more. So, the very way our mind thinks and our body behaves is also is cyclic.

Have you noticed, there are many things you keep repeating yourself due to this cyclic nature? and eventually, things keep happening unconsciously. This eventually builds a compulsive nature to act and behave as memory resides inside a person, which in yogic science we call it as ‘Karma’.

Consciousness is everything, and you can-not be compulsive and conscious at the same time. 


As it gets difficult to be conscious all the time, we make use of tools and systems that can measure the trends of how productive we are when it comes to spending the day, doing a collaboration, thinking out of the box, or be agile in the decision making process. We feed the plan and actual data into various systems, so we can identify the gaps and next level improvements that can be done.

We may not be a good planner, and not everything can go according to plan. However, to review what we did today is a very basic and important first step towards changing course of actions tomorrow that can make a difference.


Anything substantial can be achieved only by going beyond individual’s contribution and that’s where alignment with others is a very important aspect in Yoga too. When it comes to collaboration in the team, the need is to align everyone to achieve team-level performance. To work in a collaborative team, one needs to not only deal with the physical body, but the emotions and minds of individuals and people also come to play to achieve the necessary results.

The Yogic way of Review

In Yoga, we consider everything that human is as various bodies i.e. physical body, mental body, emotional body, energy body and other more. So, In order to achieve the necessary results, all possible improvements need to be measured in all areas, not just time.

Here’s how we do it;

Every night, before going to the bed, Capture –

  1. How many conscious moments(activities) do I have throughout the day? 
  2. Capture the emotions of the moment.
  3. If it involves people, then capture their names.
  4. Capture your experience of the moment.

Capture the above 4 points for unconscious moments that you have too.

Science behind it

Consciousness / UnconsciousProvides gap details about your involvement and responsiveness.
It also gives idea if the thought was suppressing or expanding and with how much compulsion.
EmotionsProvides details of what emotions have came out of moment, so you can be better dealing the same situation differently with higher intellectual level.
ExperienceProvides outcome/results and your responsiveness(action) towards the outcome, person and moment you were into.
MomentProvides what exactly happened that micro-moment, and why the result came different in that moment.

If you have mastery over your body, 20 to 30% of your time and results in your control.

If you have mastery over your mind, merely 70 to 80% of your time and results in your control.

If you have master over your energy, you have 90 to 95% control of the time and results.

And if you have mastery over being blissful and meditative by nature, being conscious is not an effort. You just know and have all sense, which is the basis of all actions.

Once you do it on a daily basis, you would see your perception and consciousness would increase dramatically in all aspects of yogic bodies.

Try this for at least 30 days for a committed way, and observe the change by knowing yourself better.


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