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As Hardik often says – “while the society is having necessary Intellect, technology and physicality for the growth, the fundamental ‘inclusiveness’ needs to rise to reach human well-being to its peak.”

His fundamental vision to setup Akhila is to offer a technology platform and scientific ways that would help an individual realize their peak potential in an all-inclusive way.

From this vision and with 14 years of technology expertise stem multiple projects and programs, all towards the same aim.

Akhila Foundation is a Nonprofit organization focused on wellbeing and inclusiveness, blending technology and yogic practices towards the larger wellbeing.

The Foundation would work on,

  • Projects to restore human well-being and nature
  • Programs that raise human-being to peak performance
  • Platforms to enable people to do business

In its initial year, The foundation is going to do programs for leaders and general well-being, as well as enabling farmers to do business, all in a technological way. One can take wellbeing programs, support projects or simply access a lot of free yogic science wisdom available on the portal to reach the peak potential.

At the core of Akhila’s activities includes powerful programs for modern leaders and entrepreneurs, mixing a right cocktail of the technology world and the ancient fundamentals of Yogic culture that accelerates physical, mental and emotional well-being to enable Key Leadership Positions in business.

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The Foundation also works on certain innovative technology products, that helps individual walk the well-being journey in the right way.

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While the organization is still in its foundation year, together with its active and dedicated volunteer team and support organizations, the Foundation’s activities serve as a thriving model for human empowerment and well-being worldwide. Everyone is welcome.

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