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Enable the Farmers

Leaders from this land have always been made us proud of the many fields of science and technology. However, there are many greatest achievements being done by our farmers that are unrecognized.

Indian farmers still managing to feed 1.3 billion people without the necessary infrastructure and technology, purely based on their traditional knowledge and intelligence.

This knowledge and intelligence need to be recognized.

Scale up the Farmers

The current work at Akhila is to have a great mix of technology with the intelligence of our farmers to provide the best quality food for everyone.

By scaling up agriculture, Farmers can cultivate their land individually, improve production with proven techniques like micro-irrigation, as well as make their products reach directly to the buyer in large cities with competence. 

Improve Food quality to end Consumer

The human life currently has been largely contaminated with the commercialized valuation of everything, and it is unfortunate to see that it has entered into the food industry as well. 

The advantage to the consumer is, that they get better quality food, directly from the hands of the creator of the food without any mix in between.

If our farmers get good support and make a living out of agriculture, the soil does not need chemical inputs, it needs organic content. 

Wealth for Farmers

When we say human well-being, we talk about the economy, stock market, technology, growth, etc… However, now the time has come where we focus and take great care of these ‘creators of the food’ which is the very basis of human survival, nutrition and the way we act and think.

It has to be an economical plan and the wealth that our farmers generate shall stay with them, to make Farming a truly viable option for our next generations in rural to transform every part of the country.

Farmer Producer Organizations (FPOs)

While these initial years where the farmer is struggling to set up infrastructure, they would need some support from us until they increase their incomes. Akhila has been supporting the same, starting with the remotest part of Gujarat and the goal is to further expand it further with the right tools and technologies. The ultimate goal is to let farmers in various regions setup their own Farmer producer organizations(FPOs) for their sustainable development.

This is not a charity. This is an investment with very substantial returns, both financially and in terms of providing right nurturing and nutrition to millions of human beings of ours and the next generations of humanity to come. 

Wanna Contribute to Farmer’s Life? Get in touch to Know more !