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Volunteering is a fundamental source of Joy and a way of giving back. Akhila Foundation is a volunteer-run organization worldwide and there are various ways you can contribute from small-scale part-time activities to large-scale involvement.

Ways Of Volunteering at Akhila

You can Offer yourself in various ways, various timespans, various skills, and various areas. Some of possible ways mentioned below.

Skill Based Volunteer

Akhila Foundation achieves well-being with a mix of Yogic Wisdom and Technological Science. We believe in the potential of individual and offers various technological and non-technological ways to offer yourself in your field of experience and specific interest. We are looking for skilled and willing people both short term or long-term engagements.

Some of the Akhila Activities include:

  • Social Media management
  • IT (Mobile App development, Network Administrators, Software development, Embedded development)
  • Graphics and Video design
  • Article Editing and Proof-reading
  • Accounts

Program / Event Based Volunteer

Akhila Foundation volunteers are key to the success of various events and programs. These volunteers offer the experience to whoever joins the events and it’s a great way to serve the attendees.

These events happen Online, at Akhila Ahmedabad Center, as well as to various regions of the country and world.

Some of the Events includeleadership programs, events being conducted for social initiatives and general well-being and inclusiveness education.

The pioneer Akhila program in the beginning year is to – Support and Bridge the Farmers and Technology organizations for building better infrastructure for Farmers.


(Spread the Well-being and Inclusiveness) In the world we live – where everything the way we live is commercially driven, an individual’s well-being is compromised for everything including the very way an individual eats, drinks, wear clothes, purchases something and deal with other creatures in nature.

While the motive of Akhila is to bring inclusiveness and well-being to the world, the simplest way you can offer yourself is to pass the right education to the world.

Interested in Volunteering? The very source of your Joy.