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Desire, Vision, Volunteer and Joy

In this article, Hardik explains the fundamental difference between desire, vision and volunteering, and how willingness is tied up with one’s Joy.


Everybody has a desire. Desire is an incremental way of enhancing our lives. Today I desire for the bike, tomorrow car, day after tomorrow something else and it keeps going. These are incremental ways of arranging our life, which is certainly needed for a few things.


Vision means I have a larger desire. It is not only for my improvement but for the improvements of larger people or the world. Desire is always about me, versus Vision is an all-inclusive process. So, It itself is a phenomenal thing if people have vision instead of desire. Desire is personal, always.

Desire leads to incremental changes and improvements, Vision can transform the whole situation.

Willingness and Volunteering

Volunteering means, somebody is doing something willingly, there’s no other compulsion to do that activity. No financial compulsion, no social compulsion, no something else…

So, when you are a willing participant, you are a Volunteer.

Willingness and Joy

However stupid or idiotic activity it is, If I am doing it willingly creates a world of difference to me. That’s my Joy. The difference between your heaven and hell is just this, you are doing something willingly is your heaven, if you are doing something unwillingly that’s your hell.

In the world, there are no good people and bad people, everyone is oscillating between the two. But, there are joyful people and miserable people.

Willing means, I am ‘yes’ and ‘yes’ to the life. There’s no ‘yes’ to something and ‘no’ to something.

You have became so willing, that you have no will of your own.  That’s being Volunteering with everything in Life.

Love & Grace,

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