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‘GOAL’ or ‘Devotion’ – Same Thing, But Limited!

In this article, Hardik explains how GOAL and Devotion are the same things but essentially limited in nature for human beings. Also, he unwinds the secret of higher intelligence that exists beyond the GOAL.


THE concept of GOAL essentially means you are clearly ‘focused’ towards an object or activity. For example one wants to have a ‘car or home’, or one wants to be ‘millionaire’, or one wants his ‘company to grow’, or one wants to ‘marry a girl’, or one wants ‘to focus on achieving something’.

Whatever your goal could be, essentially it is focused on something. Once something there’s a focused approach, it is ‘limited’ in nature as you can not have ‘focus’ and ‘all that exists’ together.

One may have a vision instead of desire, and having a vision instead of desire itself is a big thing, but essentially that also is ‘more’ but ‘not all’.


Devotion essentially means you are fully devoted to the ‘object of devotion’. It could be a god, money, work, company, love or any other topic, object, subject or being.

I am taking God as an example here, as it has more relevance with Devotion. When you are devoting to a god, even if its momentarily but you are 100% towards it and surrender yourself completely in front of god. For your GOAL also you do the same thing.

So, whether it’s a God or a Goal – when you are devoted to it, you completely surrender your body, mind, emotions, and efforts towards it.

GOAL and Consciousness

When you surrender to a GOAL, it is natural for the human system (mind, body, emotions and very energy) to naturally become conscious of it. Your intelligence for that focused area becomes high. It itself is a very good thing, and sufficient to achieve a specific thing to put an effort. That’s where religions in the world have invested so much in practicing devotion for humans for mass well-being.

Now, Let’s understand how your focus and Consciousness work together. When one has focused on something, the other things simply get missed or performed with not so great efficiency. It means the attention or object of execution is limited to a GOAL that is X% of what exists in the world. Don’t get me wrong here, I am not against the GOAL, but it simply means you are making limited choices when you are capable of all.

Unless you are 100% conscious and responsive at this moment, GOALS are easy traps for so many people to chose limited. That’s where, many times a person goes in one direction, then chooses… ‘no, no, no… another direction is right’, then again after sometime ‘no, no, not… that direction is right.

“More” vs “All”

Your consciousness and intelligence function way higher when you are ‘100% devoted to all’, and not limited to certain objects. The binary nature of the logical mind always would try to simplify by dividing it, but then it is choosing being limited by it.

The true Intelligence gets achieved only when you are aware and conscious about everything that exists, and not letting your liking or disliking make limited choices. Once you go for all, naturally your actions and then results would be followed if you have included everyone inside you.

Each one of us has the potential to be responsive to everything. It is my wish and blessings, that you become 100% responsive to “all” that exists in the world, and touch the true intelligence.

Love and Grace,

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