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‘Managing’ or ‘Designing’ – You Need ‘BOTH’

In this article, Hardik explains how one needs both Managing and Designing skills ‘all the time’, be it survival or growth.


When someone attempts to take the responsibility of managing something, it essentially means to be able to respond to the situation, and ensure that the overall action is achieved with the well-being of everyone around is ensured.

Managing happens mostly for one of two reasons – either for ‘survival’ or for ‘expansion’.

Tell me your experience – even if you become a bird or an insect or an animal, can you skip for not managing your food or water?

So, even if someone says, I don’t want to manage, he or she does need to manage something. It is just a matter of how one would like to respond, and how much one has the ability to respond.

But see it right, whether you do or do not take the action, your body and or mind would like to respond to the situation.

All in all, Managing is an ‘action‘ part of ‘sense-logic-action’ sequence.


Designing, on the other hand, is associated with the ‘sense’ part of the ‘sense-logic-action’ sequence.

You would notice, people in the art industry would be known for the way they are able to perceive or visualize something differently than others. That’s the design.

Most people think that design or art is only a need limited to specific areas of people or activity. In yoga, we don’t look at it this way. Because everything that is observed as a ‘Life’ and ‘Creation’ is a complex design itself.

Tell me your experience -unless you understand the situation or context of the situation, can you be 100% sure that you acted accurately on it?

The action is simply based on what we have perceived and what is our ‘logic’. Unless one has the necessary understanding of the creator’s design and current context, the action simply is biased on limited in nature.

It is as simple as, unless you ‘involve’ yourself 100%, you wouldn’t know the exact action.

Why Both is needed?

As explained above, everything that human does and the way we are as Life is a ‘sense-logic-action’ sequence.

To create substantial and accurate results – understanding of the design i.e. sense is needed. Once the sense of the design is achieved, it is all about how much managing ability the mind and body have. Once the mind knows what to do, the action is purely a potential of how you respond to the situation.

Just look at some of the Leaders examples of very very successful people, companies and creations we in the world today.

Be it, Steve Jobs of Apple, Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook, Sunder Pichai of Google, or even we take examples of Einstein or Gandhi of the past era. They could create something substantial because they have these abilities together – to be able to have the sense of the design, mind that is not biased and allow to create, and necessary muscles for actions and responses.

It is my wish and blessings that you get the best understanding of the creator’s design, have an open mind that chooses unbiased, and ability to respond.

Love & Blessings,

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