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Two ways to ‘Win’ – Include or Aquire

In this article, Hardik explains either two ways to win a person – either you can sit on top of a person or simply include a person into you.

Two Ways to ‘Win’

Be it a King, Nation leader, State leader, Commercial leader or Family leader – from simple negotiation to achieve a common goal, when two people get along it generates a situation of who is right and how to win the other person.

There are two ways one can win the other person, situation or community.

  1. “Including” the person into yourself
  2. “Sitting on top” of the person in various ways

Sitting on Top

Be it past days of ‘king culture’ or present days of ‘economical and political leaderships‘, there have been so many countries and people in the world who has faced an invasion situation where other country or company wants to acquire the land, person or situation. India has always been the land to welcome everyone, and in the past had faced so many invasions.

One way of acquiring something is to find various ways to build additional pressure on another party and win the negotiation.

Another means in today’s world is ‘being Smart’. Being smart nowadays is you give/invest less in others, and you shall be able to get gain more. If you don’t do this, you would be considered not so smart and even loser.

Because of these mentalities, whoever is acquiring more power on others is considered to be successful, not the one who serves the maximum people. The compulsion to win a situation, negotiation or sitting on top of a person is a very natural phenomenon. So, whoever is weaker in nature keeps getting exploited – either by commercial means or simply by applying smartness or physical power.

Including the “other” person

The other way to win the person or community is to include that person or set of people into you. Sitting on top is a way to sit on someone’s head. On the other hand, including someone means you would start by adding a person in your heart and let them gradually align instead of pushing him to get in the agreement.

The various culture around India has always been aware of this, and that’s where India as a country of being 1.3 billion people, never tried to acquire the other country or land.

In any co-existence situation – If you would believe that, I am adding value to their life, then you would treat the relationship one way. If you would look at it right, and see it that they are adding value in your life, you would treat it with the utmost gratitude. So, you shall not have the compulsion to win or acquire something or someone. Instead, it shall always be in the giving mode.

The other way is to create a pleasant atmosphere. Remember that, there are no good people or bad people in the world, everyone is oscillating between two. If you create a pleasant atmosphere, everyone would behave great.

Way to Go

The ways to include as everyone knows- ‘always’ – you have to align with the needs and win of the other party, and be waiting for them to align. They would take time, but eventually, they would slowly align. If not, they would simply leave you. Observe it carefully and see how you are adding value to their lives.

Competing is ‘foolishness’, stop it. And, don’t gets feared how you would move forward by choosing noncompetitiveness. As a human, we are on top of the evolution chain, and we would continue finding ways to evolve. If I make you a beggar also, you would try to evolve and be a better beggar tomorrow than today. So, don’t get feared and chose shortcuts by pushing someone.

It is my wish and blessings, No matter how worst the situation is, you always stay away from the compulsion to acquire someone, and always be Inclusive. That’s all my efforts at Akhila.

Love & Grace,

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