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‘Joy’ – Doesn’t Require Efforts

In this article, Hardik explains the fundamental nature of humans is ‘joy’, and if you simply drop all the non-sense then joy is a very basic state.

In the human system, there are various levels of compulsions exist. It could be physical, mental, psychological likewise. When you are compulsive to something, your consciousness goes away for the fraction of second or more for many people.

For example, you are sitting in the meeting at office, and having thoughts about family or what would be cooked today. Other way around, you are home playing with your daughter and simply thinking about work. Or, you can be transiting from office to home, and all kinds of planning come to the mind that needs to be achieved tomorrow and for some people mostly planning for life long. (laugh)

Karma Yoga

This essentially means – your attention is outside the current context of the situation. In the Yogic system, there is a specific way to attain the action, which is called ‘Karma Yoga’.

When you do an action or activity, you generally involve your emotions, calculations, aspirations. What Karma Yoga essentially means, it shall be pure action where nothing is involved. You simply doing an action without looking forward to action or expecting a result. If you do action with total abandonment, it is called Karma Yoga.

When you are doing an action and activity into one context, and your mind keeps popping up with other thoughts, that’s where you not been able to be 100% sensing or serving the context and people involved in the context. This not only affects your sense, but it also affects your responsiveness to the other people or decision making in the context.

For example, right now you and a tree are connected in the sense that you are inhaling what tree is exhaling, and what you are exhaling, the tree is inhaling. But, you are not conscious of it. Once you are not conscious(sense is gone), your actions and responsiveness are affected. This way, you miss a lot of objects and people around and in the context. You can-not remain joyful, when you miss the sense, simply because the action is compromised.


‘Joy’ is greatly affected by Judgement.

Your body and mind contain the memory that you have accumulated over a period of time, based on the food you have eaten and the thoughts you have built.

The very need to understand the context gets permanently stored into your mind as judgment, and then it automatically pops up and keeps you away from being conscious of the situation. As per ‘Karma Yoga’, if you follow the process, once the action is over, your mind doesn’t have an influence on it.

Emotion and Thought

Emotion is simply a juicier version of the thought. Once you repeat a single thought for 1000 times, it would automatically get converted into some emotion.

For e.g. you started repeating that X person is of this character, it would eventually turn out into anger, anxiety, love or any other emotion depend on the thought. Pretty much, all emotions except ‘being pleasant’ are limited, and don’t yield you to be responsive to the larger universe.

So, Here are three simple tips, all of them are not to put an effort in a direction.

  • Don’t store any kind of Judgements
  • Don’t involve emotions, calculations, aspiration in the action (Karma Yoga)
  • Don’t let thought repeat and convert into emotions

By simply following this, you would notice your consciousness and responsiveness in the current context would dramatically increase. And, once you are fully aware and responsive, Joy is what it only gets.

Love and Grace,

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