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Consciousness is Everything

In this article, Hardik explains that consciousness is important and it is the basis of all our actions, and why it is the fundamental basis in the Yogic science, and how it is relevant to modern life situations.

Everything that human makes an action is based on what a person perceives in the world. How clear is one’s perception, is being defined by how conscious person can keep herself throughout the day?

Tell me, how many conscious moments you have throughout the day?

The amount of consciousness you can imbibe during the day is directly inverse to how much compulsive you are throughout the day. Let me give you an example of computer terminology. Let us say CPU is performing some task and it receives an interrupt or say notification. It has to put his existing task on hold and switch to serve the interrupt for a fraction of the moment.

A similar thing happens with the human mind. When you get interrupted by something, for a fraction of the moment you are further away from your existing conscious activity. In the western world, it is called a focus distraction. In this age when information and knowledge is power, while human grows from childhood to now, he accumulates the heap of information in his mind, many in the form of experiences. While this experience helps humans for basic survival skills, the memory associated with this information in mind becomes a fundamental basis for the compulsions in the physical world. 

Have you noticed, you are not doing any action, and things would keep popping up to the mind? In the computer term, we call it information is stored in the hard-drive, and it automatically keeps triggering and interrupts the CPU. This behavior is “compulsive” behavior.

When you are conscious, you are not compulsive. And, when you are compulsive, for that fraction of moment the mind can not remain conscious.

When you are compulsive by your own mind’s drama, it directly affects your ability to sense and interact with the surroundings. I have seen people going to the office in the morning and if they see an accident on the road and person needs medication, they are not sensitive enough to stop-by and address that. They have enough compulsion in the mind to reach the office on time, that they prefer to be fixed in their role. Similarly did you observed watching a TV, mobile or computer screen, and not been able to come out of it due to compulsion? Eventually, this gets converted into addictions, and these days I see a lot of children and people are under medication in many cases. Essentially what is happening internally in the mind is, that it misses the sense of surrounding and eventually action’s output gets compromised.

The basis of our action is sense. We sense the world through our 5 senses (see, touch, taste, smell, hear) and then do the action based on our logic and experiences. You can only act upon a few % of the sense that you have captured, and many times you would choose not to act also. That’s where consciousness and ability to sense correctly is the fundamental basis of everything in a Yogic science.

Love & Grace,

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