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Akhila – The Beginning of Inclusiveness


Note to the Visitor:

After working for many years in the commercial environment with cutting-edge technology leadership and working with multiple logo organizations, it was very clear to me that – “the only limitation that stops one’s growth is, to not been able to include another person/life as part of itself”.

Inclusiveness is missing in very big ways between two people, two entities, two nations, two commercial organizations, two thoughts, and many more such examples. Whatever and whoever doesn’t fit in an individual’s logic and liking is getting considered not right, and one is not willing to put effort into that area.

But tell me, ‘how many percentages of the world actually you can like and able to respond?’

Whenever any decision-making process happens, what actually happens is…

  1. The situation is being sensed by our sensory body (eyes, ears, nose, touch taste…)
  2. Then mind does the decision-making process
  3. Then the response and action have been taken based on decision-making.

While the action in step-3 is not always in control, one can definitely ensure he or she’s not an issue with step-1 (perception), step-2(mind) and responsiveness in step-3.

Between birth and death, the only thing one can ‘really’ do – is – to utilize his body, mind, emotions, and energies to its peak potential.

At Akhila, the whole effort is to increase the sensitivity and inclusiveness in humans to its peak towards everything in the universe.

It is my wish everyone reaches their peak potential, in an ‘all-inclusive’ way. That’s how true ‘well-being’ would be established in the world.

Makes Sense?

Please keep visiting to find your peak and attain inclusiveness.

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