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#AkhilaPracticalYoga – #1

Yoga means, how you align yourself to everything that exist.

#AkhilaPracticalYoga are the set of practical tools designed to align yourself best way with existence in order to reach your peak potential.

With these tools, In Ahmedabad, we have triple the team size and revenue of an Information Technology project in just 1.5 years. May this help you as well for the holistic growth of everything around.


You may have observed yourself carefully, When you are feeling pleasant, You want to Expand with everything around and share. And, When you are in fear of anxiety, you want to suppress.

Try this – Sit with a plant or a tree, and observe that – Whatever oxygen that tree is exhaling, you are inhaling. And, Whatever carbon-dioxide you are exhaling, the tree is inhaling it. Even though your mind and body may not be able to realize it in the first conversation, try to make a psychological connection with the plant or a tree.

You could repeat it more times a day if you wish to.

If you are growing a plant, observe how it grows day by day, and changes happening to it.

Once you make a connection with something non-important to you in the daily routine, you would notice – your Consciousness and your ability to perceive everything is increasing dramatically. You won’t limit yourself to the tree only.

Once you are aware that you and other things in nature co-exist with each other and dependent, I won’t require to teach you to work on co-existence.