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#AkhilaPracticalYoga – #2

Yoga means, how you align yourself to everything that exist.

#AkhilaPracticalYoga are the set of practical tools designed to align yourself best way with existence in order to reach your peak potential.

With these tools, In Ahmedabad, we have triple the team size and revenue of an Information Technology project in just 1.5 years. May this help you as well for the holistic growth of everything around.

The reason for providing various options on these tools, so you can ‘start’ with zero what appeals to you and move from basics to the business of daily living.


Consume one or two meals a week alone with no one around. And, Give at-most attention to the food while consuming it.

Remind yourself to Observe how it cycles through your body, your stomach, and behaves throughout the day. Close your eyes while observing if you wish for better attention.

Try different kinds of food, and observe how it behaves in your body today and the next day. Take the next intake based on how your body reacts to the food.

Try different thoughts while consuming the food, and observe how it behaves inside you. You can also try cooking the food yourself, and try different emotions while you cook. Observe your experience with eating that food.

When you eat, you are consuming some life and it’s DNAs into your system. Someone in nature is sharing its Life for your consumption and growth. Be aware of it, and bow down to that Life that you are going to consume.

Most people are been able to reduce their food consumption to 70 to 80% in 2 to 3 weeks of this practice. You are the best judge of your body and you can repair yourself best. If you become aware of what happens to your body and what you are consuming is another Life, you would choose what best for your body and limited to the need.

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