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Being Critical for ‘Thought’

In this article, Hardik explains how thought is a basis of emotions, and all the biasing that’s within gets driven by emotions that can be stopped by managing the thought right.

Repeated Thoughts = Emotions

Emotions are nothing but a juicier version of the thought. Once your mind starts the judgment and repeats any thought for e.g. ‘x person is like this’ for few times, there would be certain kind of emotions towards that judgment.

You would have noticed, the context and person might have changed, but one person’s mind looks at completely different that other person’s.

So, emotions are nothing but a repeated product of thoughts, but it’s a slower version of thought. So, people not being able to map emotion and thought at the same time.


Our mind amplifies ‘pain’ or ‘pleasure’, what it just requires is a thought to stimulate the emotions.

Emotions for years and still also are the strongest aspect of being human. However, unfortunately, the majority of emotions are Limited in nature.

Look at the type of emotions; Anger, anxiety, critic, sad, irritation, love, pleasure… all of these emotions are limiting or expanding? is it for limited people or larger well-being? Your mind starts making limited choices. Love is also an emotion, but it’s limited to two people. And, if you love pretty much everyone, it’s ‘compassion’, not love anymore.

Emotions are the way you are. It is a very powerful tool when it comes to communication. But when I look people, they are packed around their own thoughts and emotions, that they miss the reality.


Moreover, when a thought has made either through some ‘judgment’ or ’emotions’, it further affects the next thought. The biased thought then corrupts the very way you sense the situation and again triggers the spiral of emotions.

You become a good manager and a stable person when you stop being judgemental about everything and be able to stop the chain of thoughts and emotions.

The very tool – mind – that human has, then start working against you.

Yogic Way

In Yoga, we don’t confuse things by looking at the mind and heart as two different systems. Instead, we have everything as bodies: the physical body, mental body, emotional body, energy body, and so on.

Depend on your ability to manage these bodies, things evolve around you.

External Situations

Despite, internal judgments being a source of thought, many times external situations and influences drive a thought too.

We may not be able to fix all external situations, but being critical about your thought towards the external situation would decide how you as a human behave.

There are no ‘good people’ and ‘bad people’ in the world, everyone is oscillating between the two, depending on their thoughts and actions they do.

Except for the body, everything about the human system and his/her around is reversible. But, the way our mind works, people eventually become a psychological case that their thoughts and emotions are much bigger than the existential reality.


You can chose to be critical about your ‘thought’, which is a basis of your emotions.

On Emotions, Instead of let other emotions affect you, you can choose to wear an emotion of ‘being pleasant’. Then, whatever the need of the time, just apply it without getting biased.

It is my wish and blessings, you effectively manage the most powerful tools that have been given to us – mind and emotions, not being enslaved to it.

Love and Grace,

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