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The Polarity and Longing for Union

In this article, Hardik explains how the physical world is bipolar in nature, and while one part of us wants to be polar, the system itself is always longing for the union.

The Binary Nature

The physical world is bi-polar in nature. Whether we call in Proton-Electron, North-South, Left-brain & Right-brain, or Shiva-Shakti – Everything in nature is constantly trying to find a union among it.

Polar Choices

The way our education system is designed, and the way our intellect(survival portion of the brain) works – we always try to get ‘clarity’ on things, and it essentially tries to sit on either side intellect being logical in nature.

In our decision making, we want to clarify whether it’s ‘black’ or ‘white’, or ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ for any damn thing. As soon as you chose to be on one side, you start rejecting the other side naturally, if not fully then partially.

But, if you try to go deeper, Nature always has an intention to bring two polarities together to keep expanding itself.

Eventually, Nature’s forces are much higher than the individual’s polar choices. For eg. The male and female come together, and the universe keeps expanding. A person wants to support more and more people, to find a union.

Clarity vs Comfort

We think that making a binary choice would help bring clarity to us and to a larger being. However, as time pass by, the opinion then changes as information in the mind, context, and external situation changes.

We chose white, as black seems bad initially. We chose ‘sitting on a Couch’ against ‘Working in the Gym’ because it brings comfort. We chose ‘family’ against ‘Everyone in the world’, as they bring comfort when you fail. We chose ‘wine’ against ‘divine’, as wine is a quicker way to fix.

Every moment – we are both ‘Living’ and ‘Dying’ together at the same time. But, we forget that Death is a reality that everyone shares. And, many people even forget being Life also – they forget that being alive is the most important thing.

Essentially, we make polar choices, because it gives some sense of ‘Comfort’. But, as we go longer, nature pushes us to get out of comfort and attempt to find a union.

Longing for ‘Union’

I have been keeping saying that, in Darwin’s evaluation system we are sitting on Top. The amoeba put an effort and made bacterias, Bacterias then put an effort and made creatures, then fish, then mammals, then monkeys, then they made Humans. And, we are stuck in this body to further evolve, so we constantly put an effort to expand by other means.

Longing is in nature, and the Universe keeps expanding no matter whatever is the individual’s choice. Whether it’s about ‘shifting from small home to big home’ or ‘shifting humanity from one place to another’, this longing is unavoidable until you are sitting on top. You can choose not to be compulsive, but when it comes to finding a union, everyone shares a common need.

Ways of Union

There are various ways there are longing to find union.

If it is an effort to union of bodies, it’s through ‘Sex’.

If it is an effort to union of emotions, it’s through ‘Love’ or ‘Compassion’.

If it is an effort to union of minds through economics, it’s through ‘Ambition’.

If it is an effort to the union of aligning countries through land Acquisitions, it’s through ‘Power’ or ‘Conquest’.

And, If it is an effort to the union of body, mind, emotions, energy together, it’s through “Yoga”.


Yoga is nothing but a conscious way to satisfy this need of Union, without being compulsive or polar in nature. Neither, there’s a need to acquire something, or seeking comfort.

It is my wish and blessings that, you find your way to Unite your’s and other’s body, mind, emotions, and energies.

Love and Grace,