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What You Don’t Like, Do it 200%

In this article, Hardik explains how your Liking and Disliking limits individual, and while one has the aspiration to win the world, but liking limits it.

Liking and Limitedness

Essentially, The key issue here is that One’s liking is limited. Many people in the world are only interested in themself, family, friends, relatives, and work. The other people and Life’s on the world are either pass-by for them, or many are made already ‘enemy’ or ‘dislike’.

Both Jesus and Gandhi – when they got killed, they told the world not to harm the enemy. Both said, ‘They don’t know what he is doing, please forgive him’.


The liking area gets to build because choosing that area gives a very sense of comfort. The other is the ability to respond to the thread.

A couple of examples here – There’s a marriage function of 300 people, and there are two choices – ‘one is to do dance on the stage’ and ‘other is to sit in 5 people closed group’. Very few people choose to go and dance on the stage, but tell me – who’s creation would be larger? The one who serves 300 people, or the one who serves 5 people. Both gonna spend the same time, simply choice is limited. This choice we have all the time.

The other example is – You are going to the office and there’s a reporting to the boss at 10 AM, and you see a person hit with accident dying on the street. Many of these just stuck on the course to reach the office, because the thought they picked-up starting from home, they simply not been able to drop it.

Everyone’s ability to act on the situation can be limited, but responsiveness to the world may not need to be limited. If you feel, it is just a matter of how critical you are to do it. I don’t have to tell you that, someone dying is a higher priority. You would do, whatever you can.

Privacy & Introvercy

The other issue is, the way privacy and being introvert is been taken on the world.

I want to win the hearts of everyone in the world, but my preference and choices are ‘private’. No one shall be able to see, what I do most of the time. I want to keep my social media private 🙂 If you really want to be a celebrity, then it means you would behave according to larger people likes. Then there’s no need to make limited choices.

Many people say – I am an ‘Introvert’ person. Being introvert simply means, you don’t feel a need to ‘act’ at this point. The other case could be ‘your capability of action is limited.

Think about it – when someone is dying on the street, or some critical decision making can change the course of office – why chose to stay silent? We certainly not want to do things in a rebellious manner all the time, there are ways to discuss and win negotiations if you are prepared in the meeting.

Liking & Thought Boundary

The human mind works based on ‘references’ it gathers from outside. And, eventually the more it operates in one area builds ‘comfort’ for that activity.

There are few dynamic people, for whom the world says they can ‘think out of the box’. But look at it correctly – ‘there is no box at all.’ You create the box first by your Likings and then put struggle and efforts to think out of the box, it’s funny. 🙂 Because your liking zone is very very limited. Don’t let your liking physically block you.

Disliking and Thought Boundary

The other percentage (%) area are the things you ‘dislike’. When you say ‘I like something’, the binary and logical nature of your intellect simply choose other areas as either ‘dislike’ or ‘not to act zone’. Many people out of this, simply start disliking the object, people, things, etc. When the ‘critical’ situation comes, they chose not to work on dislike zone. Many feel the situation is too political to handle and don’t want to act, but see – the alternate of politics is war. 🙂

The world is very logical today. Then, How to break this – simply don’t reject anything and do it 200% on that zone, Like there are communication and actions between the tiger and a human in the movie ‘Life of Pie’. Many good managers and good managers, simply because they been able to do it.


When you aspire to win the world, there are only two ways – ‘you include the other person in your heart’ or ‘you try to sit on top of, and acquire’.

There are people who wouldn’t respond a damn, but that’ not your problem. You have been able to not blocked by limited thoughts, and being 100% responsive is what makes you act and respond to the situations in a greater way.

You have to include them in your heart and mind, and they will later follow, and many won’t but that’s not your business. It is my wish and blessings, you stay Inclusive and win the hearts of the world.

Love and Grace,

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