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Let the ‘Feminine’ Grow

In this article, Hardik explains the details of how masculine and feminine DNAs are part of the human system and then larger creation, and there’s always a choice that human carries on how to expand each of them.


As Darwin’s evolution theory says, and everyone knows – the nature has grown from amoeba -to- fish -to- mammals -to- monkeys -to- humans.

Everyone in nature has put-up an effort to build the next evolved animal, and eventually what we called as a human is their best-of-the-best at top of nature. Until humans came, the body as possible to expand. However, humans being there for several years now, further evolution from the human is possible by expanding the mind only.

Play of the ‘DNA’

Everything in the human body is stored as DNA, in-fact the body has more memory than the mind.

We all know, we carry the genetics of our ancestors. The face and skin color of your fathers and forefathers keep carrying over generations to generations. The good part with humans is, we can make a ‘choice’ and change the course of evolution independent of DNA.

The evolution happened, as everyone in nature put up an effort to adjust to nature, and few of them decided to evolve the new DNAs.

So, our DNAs(Karma) are a mix of past things, i.e. – animal past, ancestor, social situation, and many more. And, the change happens as the survival situation comes out or one opens up for expansion, not being compulsive to existing DNAs.

Masculine and Feminine

Traditionally, since humans evolved, in the past we did not have enough tools and engineering that allow the feminine to grow. But, now there’s a time, where we no more have a need for masculine power in all the activities. We have machines instead to do a lot of hard work.

In nature, everyone has a survival. One needs to earn food and water to survive.

Because of earlier lack of social situation and tools, and the very way the human body is made in genetics – Masculine DNAs are having the following attributes.

  • Survival skills
  • Acquire Power
  • Thinking of Gain and profit

A warrior would always be less sensitive than a social man, because of the way his job is. He needs to choose the security and survival of their people first, then being sensitive. A similar situation exists for men/women in the past when he protected his family’s survival.

Because of being of this being nature of DNA, the men who could not balance the other side can easily get into the mode of our past, which is ‘animal’ nature.

Feminine, on the other hand, has a past of Gentleness and giving nature. The ‘sense’ is their strength, so design and art are dominated by them. So, she being more human, and the producer of humans has a higher chance in the current context if she breaks a ‘cyclic’ nature of their existence.

So, as a human, whether you are male or female, one always has a choice not to let the past play us and become an animal.

Let the Feminine Grow

Everything that human does the action is based on ‘sense-logic-action’ sequence. So, if your sense is biased and limited, obviously you would need to regret your actions later on.

After so many years, the time has come, where we have tools to improvise on survival in many ways. And, in the future, there would be time, where one only needs to manage his ‘mind’, the rest would be done by ‘machines’.

In the Indian culture, we have gods, who also represented as half male and half female, as since beginning everyone is a mix of both kinds of DNAs. And, each of them has it’s own strength.

The only thing we need is, ‘being human, and stay human’. Every human has both kinds of DNA and always have a ‘choice’. Let us not chose our past of being animal, and allow the evolution to happen. The universe is anyway expanding, it’s only a choice to do it consciously, or become compulsive to the past.

It is my wish and blessings, that you chose the sense, gentleness, and lovingness to be able to exercise the potential nature of ‘Being Human’.

Love and Grace,

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