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The intelligence of ‘Ganesh Festival’

In this article, AkhilaHardik explains the core reasons behind the celebration of the Ganesh festival, and why all festivals across India are designed towards ‘dropping’ or ‘burning’ something or someone.

About Ganesha

Ganesha was Shiva’s son. The name Ganesha defined, as Ganesha used to be the leader of old ancient ‘the Ghanas’ or ‘Ganas’ community in Shiva’s time. It was a type of community and In Sanskrit and Pali it means “flock, troop, multitude, number, tribe, category, series, or class”.

Ganesh Festival

During August or September, in India, especially in Mumbai, people make Ganesh out of Clay, Some of them are very big.

Many homes would establish them at home, being a private one. And, pretty much all crossroads of Mumbai, you would find a public display of Ganesha. He’d sit big in the middle of the street, the traffic would stop and re-route, and there would be different kinds of functions around all day and night.

The festival runs for nearly 1 day to 11 days, and almost for a month only Ganesha is in the mind of everyone. People eat, live, dance, celebrate around Ganesha. But…

But, one day, as time comes, we drawn him into the water. Which was a very clay, and very ‘precious’ part of the Life for about a month, we drop him.

The Intelligence of ‘God Making’

In Hindu culture, it’s been called as, we have 33 crores of Gods (Detis and Devas). That has been designed and said, when, India’s population was 33 crores.

Essentially, the Ethos behind it is, we are expert in God creation. If we found God, we bow down. If we welcome someone, we bow down with ‘Namaskar’. If we find stone, we bow down.

If you can bow down with ‘devotion’ to everything around, that’s the only way to do action without biasing with absolute involvement. Once you devote, you know everything that’s worth knowing, as the biasing is not there.

Conscious Creation

Everything that is created outside, is created in the mind first.

Lot of companies now a days, says them as a ‘Design’ company. ‘Design’ essentially means, whatever is going to created in the physical world, first it needs to manifested virtually onto the mind or paper.

While Design requires you to be detached from physicality to be fully open and out of the box, the thought itself has its own biasing. Once you are involved, you tend to bound to it, whether it’s your loved ones, project, work, company, car, money or anything else. Anything physical elements comes with a boundary, and may stop or biased the thought.

Once your thought is biased, you are bound to be cyclic, and many people just keep rotating around cycles. One of the most easy way to evolve and break the spiral is to not getting bound to previous memory and information.

India has been a land of ‘Mukti’, the only few of the living culture exists at this time too, where people work on their own liberation. Largely because, in Hindu culture, we have both Deva and Danava in heaven too. So the goal for humans is not to go to heaven, but just be liberated 🙂


You can only drop your non-sense if you have consciously created it. That’s the easiest way to grow further. If you can drop the baggage, climb up the hills is easy.

Being it Diwali where we burn the lamp, or Dussera where we burn the Ravana, or Uttarayana which we celebrate by cutting the grass, or Holi where we burn the woods or Ganapati where we sink him. Then intent is to constantly practice the creation and dropping off in a conscious way.

Love and Grace,