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Yoga means, how you align yourself to everything that exist.

#AkhilaPracticalYoga are the set of practical tools designed to align yourself best way with existence in order to reach your peak potential.

With these tools, In Ahmedabad, we have triple the team size and revenue of an Information Technology project in just 1.5 years. May this help you as well for the holistic growth of everything around.

The reason for providing various options on these tools, so you can ‘start’ with zero what appeals to you and move from basics to the business of daily living.


Sit alone for a minimum of 1 hour with nothing around. No actions. No Mobile, No TV, No people, No communication.

Observe your Mind carefully as thoughts it picks up. It could be from basic food & sex, to house, money, work, some person, or anything else.

Do this several times a week, if possible daily when you can focus, and observe. 

Make sure, you are not putting effort to think something. You just sit comfortably with body and mind without thought and activity and let things come to you. You can close your eyes if you wish.

Identify which are the thoughts that come.

If you find yourself thinking recurringly about people or things, then it is body-based evolution.

If you find yourself thinking about the world in general, and what you do for them, then it is mind-based evolution.

You can also make a note of your current list, and observe the changes in it every 3 or 6 months or so.

Don’t judge yourself or anyone as good or bad by practicing this. It’s not about something good or bad.

It is just an Understanding process of knowledge evolution, and then the choice is entirely yours on the efforts and path of further evolution.

Understand various stages of Human system as per Yogic science in detail here.