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#AkhilaPracticalYoga – #5

Yoga means, how you align yourself to everything that exist.

#AkhilaPracticalYoga are the set of practical tools designed to align yourself best way with existence in order to reach your peak potential.

With these tools, In Ahmedabad, we have triple the team size and revenue of an Information Technology project in just 1.5 years. May this help you as well for the holistic growth of everything around.

The reason for providing various options on these tools, so you can ‘start’ with zero what appeals to you and move from basics to the business of daily living.


Just try this. Every time you are in touch with any physical element, be it a person or thing or object, make a conscious attempt to devote to it 100% without judging.

If needed, you can blindly consider that object as god you believe in, or thing you devote the most.

As practice progresses, and you become less judgemental – start observing in detail how each physical object is made out of the 5 basic elements – space, air, fire, water and earth.

Observe the quantities and effects of these basic elements in the physical object, and how it behaves as quantity changes. For e.g. Water can clean a lot of things. Fire can clean, that water can-not clean. 

After some time, you would notice – even the world can fall away, it won’t have effect on you as the amount of conscious moments increases.

You would realize the oneness and relations among the elements. You would realize everything is just transformation from one energy to another, and just a complex composition of these basic elements.

There is no such thing as ‘my body’ and ‘your body’, except in words.

It is one huge mass of matter or energies in different densities and mixtures. One point is called the moon, another called the sun, another a man or woman, another a mineral or water, another an earth, another a plant.

Modern physics also has demonstrated that the sum total of energies in the universe is the same. It is just the transformation of one energy to another.

That’s why in YOGA When you utter the word ‘Yoga’, the person in front of you is very very important. Just fix this one thing, and the grace would always be with you.

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