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#AkhilaPracticalYoga – #4

Yoga means, how you align yourself to everything that exist.

#AkhilaPracticalYoga are the set of practical tools designed to align yourself best way with existence in order to reach your peak potential.

With these tools, In Ahmedabad, we have triple the team size and revenue of an Information Technology project in just 1.5 years. May this help you as well for the holistic growth of everything around.

The reason for providing various options on these tools, so you can ‘start’ with zero what appeals to you and move from basics to the business of daily living.


Pay attention to your body posture throughout day.

Pay attention to how different people around you sit.

Pay attention to how different people around you think on the same topic.

Try to sit with your spine erect for few hours a day. You would notice your attention towards everything would suddenly increase dramatically. If you loose attention, it’s fine. Refocus again.

For most of the time, your body posture and your thoughts are happening on its own. Moreover, two people perceive differently on same thing and situation. Once you observe keenly, you would notice Every posture signifies certain meanings.

‘Asana’ in Yoga is just this. You consciously ask your body and mind to be in a certain posture.

Once you practice ‘to be’ like that, everything around you would suddenly be more conscious. You no longer be enslaved of your thoughts and emotions and will be able to touch the things the way it is. You will notice your responses be more conscious once you sense things the way it exists.

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