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The Seeking Story

A Beautiful story of a Turtle and a Rabbit seeking for the ultimate.

A Turtle and a Rabbit went to learn about self transformation from a Yogi.

Yogi taught them “the one who has art of seeking, knows the self”.

Both of them thought that their bodies were Self. Both of them said, “We now know everything”, and they returned to their community.

As they returned to their community, they started behaving as they know everything.

“We learned everything from our Guru. Please feel free to ask anything”, Both of them said.

Someone in Rabbit community asked the Rabbit, “what is you?” 

The Rabbit’s nature was ignorant. It said “you don’t know anything. It’s simple. This body is part of God, and everyone is God. So, I, this body is the Ultimate, the God.”

The same question been asked to Turtle in Turtle community, “what is you?”

It first answered the same as Rabbit. “I, This body, This body is part of the God, and everyone is God.’

But then, after some days, it found out that this could be the meaning of a Yogi, their master;

The Turtle returned to the Yogi, and said, “Sir, did you teach me this body is the Self?”. If So, I see bodies die; and Self can-not die.

The Yogi said “the one who has art of seeking, knows the self”

Then after some days, Turtle came back again, and said, “Sir, do you mean the mind is me? We create everything the way think”

The Yogi said “the one who has art of seeking, knows the self”

Then after some days, Turtle came back again, and said, “Sir, I do not think, mind is me. Because it also keeps changing”

Guru said “the one who has art of seeking, knows the self”

The Turtle keeps seeking, and one day he came back and found about Self. 

He Explained to Guru, The Self is –

“Beyond all thoughts and emotions; Beyond birth and death; Sword can-not cut it; Fire can-not burn it; air can-not dry it;  the beginning-less and the birth-less; that is something not perceivable by mind or body.” It’s beyond both of them.

The Rabbit, on the other hand, could not get the truth, considering its identification with its body and mind.

In this world, there are so many Rabbits, and some Turtles. 

Rabbits are the ones, who are in a hurry, believing that they have understood everything. If one proposes to teach them any science to increase their power and enjoyment, they are ready to learn with at-most attention.

But, if we show them to undertake supreme goal of mankind, they don’t care of it.

Very few has power to grasp it, and fewer has patience to attain it.

This human body and mind are the greatest tools that we have in the Universe. The only need is, to keep ’seeking’. Because once you start the seeking, you would soon know, you are not either Body or Mind.

The need of competing has crushed many people. Please make sure, you work on upgrading the machine, before accelerating the race. Otherwise, it is gonna crash.

And, Everyone in nature has survival and reproduction. With 1000 times lesser brain than you, if an animal finds its survival, certainly you won’t be starved to death with this big brain.

Whatever we can, we can, Whatever we can-not, we can-not. What’s the deal.

It is said in Yoga – Yogasya Kuru Karmanan, means “First Establish Yoga, Then Act”. That’s being One with every creation around.

Love and Grace,

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