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Celebrations and Energy

In this article, Hardik demystifies the secret science behind India’s more celebrations, and how whether it affects the energies.

We, Humans – need Celebrations

We need to be straight about it. People need celebrations. If they don’t celebrate, they don’t know other ways to revive their energies to the peak.

The ways to celebrate could be different, but essentially the need is to peak the energies above its regular level.

Nowadays also, people find their own ways to celebrate every day. Many of them, unfortunately, had made themselves in a way that they celebrate only on weekends :), but essentially the need to pick-up energy is every day.


Some may choose silence or a vacation, some may choose to share the joy and celebrate. Some may choose to get drunk every night, fortnight or monthly or occasionally. Some may choose the middle path – to drink only ‘coffee’ or ‘keep eating something all time’ or ‘just sleep’.

But, whether you chose a path of wine or divine, your consistent goal is to keep your energies to its peak performance.

Energy Effect

The activity that you chose or the thing you consume has an energy effect on you.

For example, the effect of exercising can hold you more energetic and conscious throughout the day, than the drink of Coffee.

Anything that you consume, is nothing but trying to mix that energy into your current energy. Anything that you consume is food for body and mind.

In Yoga, there are three kinds of foods:

Positive Pranic(Energy) food – are the one who consumes and maintains energy for a longer time.

Negative Pranic(Energy) food – is the one who increases the pulsation in the system. Initially, you feel the pickup of energy due to pulsation. But essentially it draws more energy out.

Neutral Pranic(Energy) food – are the ones who neither adds nor removes the energy. They just accumulation without generating or destroying energies. Potatoes for e.g. are of this nature.

Doctors nowadays suggest keeping eating throughout day. It is a very good way to stop the mind’s chattering, which may be sources of a lot of illness. But, that easily drives a person into the compulsion to keep eating, which is not necessary for humans to survive.

If you have a master towards how you consume air, sun, and energy from natural sources they can reduce up to 15-20% of food consumption. If you know how to control the energy inside your body, by less dissipating it, you do have energies to share as well.

Celebrations and Energy

In India, originally we had 365 celebrations a day. This defines a reason every day to celebrate. People pick it up based on where they feel connected, but by design, it’s always there.

While the other ways to put energies to peak does exist, the best way to revive and re-energize is to ‘come together, and share’ without ‘need of extracting’.

You do not require to consume something to come together. You can simply be together and fun, that’s ‘Being Human’. In fact in India, whether it’s Makarsakranti, or Dhuleti or Diwali, the destruction from your body is celebrated. We celebrate Shiva, the destructor more than Bramha, the creator.

Moreover, everything that we celebrate has been designed around the lunar and solar situations with earth and body, which in itself is a very deep science around the energy system that we’d talk sometime in depth.

Have you noticed, it feels much better while people come together and celebrate? The more you do it, the more Happiness becomes your state of Life.

Please, Make a Choice –

  • “To keep Consuming the way you do, and be dependent on the compulsive to elements like Alchohol?”


  • “By the means of celebration and sharing on a daily basis to explore your true nature?” That’s the best way to be Ecstatic.

Love and Grace,