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Co-existence Decides Success

In this article, Hardik explains why in Yoga there are efforts to align everything before taking any action, and how it a key parameter for success.

Defining Success

Success has various definitions in the world. Some think, if I have money, I would be successful. Some think, if I get fame, I would be successful. Some think, working so many people for me is a success. Some think I am sitting on some throne is a success. Some think to be able to contribute to the world is a success.

An Individual’s success definitions may be different. But essentially to achieve success, you would nee more people required to be involved in order to become successful.

Yogic Definition

In Yoga we don’t confuse ourselves with various definitions.

We only see if ‘pleasantness’ is achieved or not. If you have something substantial, the people around you should be happy with your success.

So, if your surrounding is pleasant, then you achieved the ‘Success’.

All Inclusive Process

Consider an example, if you become God or a Prime minister of the country, can you define to make one person successful? And if you do that, can you keep getting elected?

In this world, it is very difficult for people to be happy, unless there’s no good involved. And many times, almost all of the time, two people involved in anything would have different motives. Having two different thoughts also are two different motives.

The effort for success here is, as much as possible, you want to get the win of everyone involved. In English phenomena, there’s a popular word of ‘win, win… shall happen’. So whether there are two or more, your effort shall always be a win for all.

Existential Relality

The one, who misses the existential reality, is the only one who can think ‘pity’ for individual success.

If you are sensitive enough, you would know that half of your lungs are with trees. If trees do not exhale oxygen, and if you do not exhale carbon dioxide, there’s no Life of both of yours.

Every producer knows, if consumers does not exist, there’s supply chain exist.

If you are sensitive about this reality, do I need to tell you to grow trees? or do I need to tell you to give good products to consumers?

When a company grows and becomes public, to make the company further big, the only model exists is to make public a stakeholder.

If you become a billionaire, obviously the government would take more taxes from you, you would require to ‘re-invest’ or ‘donate’ the money. Even if you spend money on luxury, you are supporting co-existence.

So, you can-not ignore other people and their needs in success.

Co-existence with Nature

When you chose to eat any food today, you need to remember that you are consuming some life from Nature. Someone in nature has compromised their life and made you.

Corona in animals is Okay. Corona in humans is Death. The human dies because of the corona because co-existence between Corona and humans does not exist. The same thing is not with any other viruses. Because we learn to live with them.

In India, in earlier traditions, when a girl marries a boy, there was a tradition to gift a ‘cow’ to the girl to carry to his husband.

People throw plastic in the sea. Now, when the chef cuts a fish to prepare the food, they found plastic inside fish.

This mother earth is for everyone. And, in nature, everyone has survival. If you remember your survival is dependent on the other creatures on the planet, wouldn’t you be more sensitive towards every other creature?

We already are taking so many steps towards reverting nature, and one of the missions at Akhila is to more and more of these to restore nature using technology platforms. However, there are still so many individual interests exist, that if we don’t take care, nature is going towards disaster.

Co-existence between Humans

Whether it’s family or corporate politics, everyone tries to pull the string to be powerful. If they don’t try to be powerful, they chose a ‘silence’. Some simply want to convince others that their thoughts are right.

As soon as you think, you are right, you entitled to destroy the wrong. There’s no right and wrong here. If you go to Shiva and ask a boon, he’d bless you. If your competition goes to Shiva and asks a boon, he’d bless him. It is two of your’s problem, that your wishes are in conflict with each other. 🙂

Whether it’s a choice of sitting on top of someone, on choosing a silence, both are limited. But, no matter what both of your thoughts are, if you work on including the other person, then align, then action, you would always choose the ‘best’ for ‘everyone’.

The other person may not align today, but you can start by including him in your success. The more you would do it, the more people would align, people would gradually align. That’s ‘True well-being’.

Love and Grace,